Exercise May Diminish Negative Impact Of High-Salt Diet On Blood Pressure

High salt diet is known as the "silent killer". This is because it leads to hypertension (high blood pressure), a condition which may go undetected until it presents itself as a heart attack or a stroke. And it is not the salt you use to season your meals at home; rather, it is the enormous amounts of salt present in every day foods you buy - bread, butter, anything in a jar or can. The salt in fast foods is truly dangerous to your health. Even reputable chefs use too much salt to satisfy your palete. Lifestyle plays a major role in offsetting the danger of hypertension including the consumption of too much salt. A new study presented at the conference of the American Heart Association serves as a further confirmation.

HealthDay Share to FacebookShare to Twitter (3/23, Mozes) reported, "Physical activity may diminish the negative impact of a high-salt diet on blood pressure," according to a study presented Wednesday at the American Heart Association's conference. For the study, researchers examined data on some 1,900 men and women, all of whom "consumed 3,000 mg of sodium a day in their diet; for another week" and then "were placed on a high-sodium diet -- 18,000 mg per day."

        "Researchers also looked at how much physical activity the participants reported on questionnaires," WebMD Share to FacebookShare to Twitter (3/23, Goodman) reported. "They found that the more physical activity a person got, the less likely they were to be sensitive to salt." In fact, "study participants in the group that got the most physical activity had a 38% lower risk of being salt sensitive compared to those who got the least amount of physical activity."

My parents who are both 91 year old physicians published a book earlier this year on Hypertension and its Prophylaxis (prevention). They have more than 50 years of experience in hypertension and prophylaxis respectively. The book clearly identifies lifestyle as the most significant factor in developing or preventing hypertension. Its prevention will save many lives, disabilities and diminish health care cost. 

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